Applying For Secondary School In Britain

It is that time of the year, the kids are back in school, and time to respire a sigh of relief. Not for long though! As fast as you calm down it’s time to start making an application for secondary school for children in Year 6. Open days are going at full speed, and for many moms and pops it’s panic time.


Our advice is to not let cut off dates creep up on you. Do your research in plenty of time. You don’t have to go to colleges on their open day when your child is in Year 6 and the deadlines are approaching, you can go when they’re on Year 5.

Take a look at the school websites where it is easy to get masses of information from their policies and priorities to a general impression of the school.

Don’t forget to glance at the educational success of the high-school. It’s OFSTED reports and it’s position in league tables will give you info on whether they’re performing well or not.

It is very important to be cautious when researching a school though, not to base all your info on one source. Collecting your info from many sources is going to offer you a more clear view of what the college is truly like.

Chatting is good!

Speak with your kid about all of the faculties in your neighborhood. Find out where they wish to go – and why. Do they’d like to go where all of their pals are likely to go? This is an exceedingly valid reason for any young person. Remember to watch out when chatting to your kid about schools.

Do not be negative about a particular school, it could be that they finish up going there and you do not want them to start on the incorrect foot.

Understand the admissions factors

Ensure you understand what the standards are actually saying. Infrequently they are all in simple language and is is very easy to judge where your youngster fits. Nonetheless occasionally the factors can get awfully difficult.

Always ask if you are undecided. Your local authority or the admissions authority for the high-school will answer any questions you have. Remember that criteria can change from school to school if you are making an application for any kind of school aside from community faculties and voluntary-maintained faculties.

Be real!

Be pragmatic about which faculties your youngster is likely to be offered a place in. Check the admission factors, and check to confirm how oversubscribed the college was last year.

Eventually – good luck!

School acknowledgments provide help and information to parents about trying for school and how to avoid the Problems that many encounter.