Proper Guide to Write Your Document in APA Format

APA format is a style of writing text in time new roman font and have a 1inch margin on each side. This writing technique is generally used in the field of social science, education, and psychology. Moreover, it has double spacing in the entire document, and APA is summarized name of American Psychological Association.

Many people think that it is hard to write an essay in APA format as it contains many rules. You don’t have to worry as these rules are so simple that anyone can quickly write an essay in APA format and moreover, you can also take help from sample APA research paper. Let us discuss some rules while writing in APA format.

  • Title page

A title page contains the title of the paper, full name, institution name and these are placed in following order like the first line contains title name, the second one contains writer’s name, and the third one includes the name of the institution.

  • Header

In your document, every page should have a header that contains the title of the paper and the number of the page.

  • Abstract section

It is that part of the document which contains a summary of your paper which includes research, methods, and conclusion. The best length to describe it is in between 150-300 word.

  • Body

This section contains all the paragraph of your document, and moreover, you have to remember that the first line of each passage should be impressive.

  • In-text citations

You should always try to use in-text citations to provide the best documentation and moreover, don’t try to copy another paper. If you need help, then you can go for a sample APA research paper, and you must include the writer’s last name and the publication date.

  • Reference

You always have to list all the reference links with details and moreover, try to put all the links on a new page. All the reference links should be placed in alphabetical order and don’t forget to write the name of the author, article name, and publication details.

  • Paper length and format

As these papers are used in scientific fields, so the length of the document is less, and the format used while writing is 1-inch margin from each side of the paper and the required font size is 12.

These all are the proper guideline to be considered before writing in APA format, and if you are trying to write in this format, then you should always try to write your essay in the active voice.